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Personal Care

Personalised homecare services for your comfort and well-being

  • Independence

  • Flexibility

  • Personalised care plan 

  • One-on-one assistance 

  • Familiarity 

As one ages or faces health challenges, everyday tasks at home can become more demanding. At Ethical Homecare, our deep commitment lies in promoting your independence, enabling you to live safely and confidently in the comfort of your own home through our personalised care services.

Our comprehensive personal Leeds homecare services are tailored to empower you in managing both personal and household tasks, ensuring a consistently high quality of life. Whether you need our assistance on a weekly basis or multiple times throughout the week, our daily personal care services are entirely customized to meet your unique needs.

a women in a wheelchair is getting her hair braided by another woman standing up, both women are white, the women in the wheelchair is wearing glass and a black top, the women standing up is wearing a blue top

We respect your independence

Receiving personal home care support is a deeply personal and sensitive matter for many individuals. At Ethical Homecare, we adopt a person-centered approach to care, recognizing that the type and level of care required can vary significantly from person to person.

Our clients have diverse preferences. Some opt for weekly personal care visits, which include a welfare check, companionship, and respite for their loved ones. Others choose daily visits, seeking support with a wide range of tasks, from personal hygiene to household chores.

Empowering You 


At Ethical Homecare, our Ethical Homecare carers provide personalised homecare  services designed around your specific needs. We understand that as individuals age or face various medical requirements, even the simplest daily tasks can become challenging.

Our commitment at Ethical Homecare is to ensure the well-being of our clients by offering comprehensive support with a range of domiciliary care tasks, including:

  • Personal homecare assistance, encompassing tasks such as bathing and continence care

  • Preparation of nutritious and balanced meals

  • Mental health support

  • Aid with household chores

  • Help in organizing appointments and outings

  • Assistance with medication management

With our dedicated care, you can regain the independence and confidence to live life to the fullest.

one woman is painting another womans finger nails. the woman painting her nails is wearing gloves, the colour of the nails is maroon

What to expect from our team

  • Care Quality Commission (CQC) regulated 

  • Highly trained carers 

  • Personalised care plan

  • Assigned care manager 

  • Regular reviews

  • Care available from 7am and 10pm

Experience the Advantages of HomeCare

Receiving personal homecare in the comfort of your own home offers numerous benefits, distinguishing us from many other care service providers. Ethical Homecare carers are dedicated to assisting you at home in a way that aligns with your unique needs, empowering you to maintain independence on your own terms. Our person-centered approach to homecare for people is grounded in the profound respect we have for each individual's wishes and beliefs.

Enhancing Your Quality of Life

At Ethical Homecare, our commitment to personal homecare assistance goes beyond daily tasks; we aim to elevate the overall quality of life for our clients. Beyond aiding with household chores, we work collaboratively with individuals to promote happiness and well-being within the familiar surroundings of their home.

Personal care becomes a source of newfound peace of mind for concerned friends and family, assuring them that their loved one is living securely and confidently in the comfort of their own home

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Experience Exceptional Homecare in Leeds with These Three Simple Steps

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Call today for a no-obligation, confidential conversation with our team. We're here to discuss your needs and provide the support you're looking for.

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