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Couples Care

Couples Care at Ethical Homecare

Ethical Homecare offers compassionate homecare for couples who live in Leeds, creating a safe, comfortable, and familiar environment. Our services cater to various needs, including additional support with daily tasks, assistance with personal care, and full-time specialised care for conditions like dementia.


Advantages of Couples homecare

  • Keep your daily routine, particularly valuable for those with dementia

  • Feel confident and safe at home, knowing you're in capable hands

  • Keep couples, pets, and family members together in your familiar surroundings

  • Tailor every aspect of couple care to your specific needs

  • Ensure safety with access to a team member in emergencies

At Ethical Homecare, we recognise the challenges of separating couples when care is needed. That's why we provide cost-effective, compassionate care, allowing you to continue living independently.


Homecare for couples offers a personalised solution at a reduced cost compared to residential care homes. Ethical Homecare tailors a care plan, addressing all needs within the comforts of home.

Your health and safety are our top priorities. Our dedicated Ethical Homecare carers undergo extensive training to ensure you receive the most appropriate care for your requirements. 

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Experience Exceptional Homecare in Leeds with These Three Simple Steps

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Call today for a no-obligation, confidential conversation with our team. We're here to discuss your needs and provide the support you're looking for.

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